Probationary Process FT Faculty - Year Three

Process for the Professional Development and Evaluation of Probationary Faculty

Year Three - Critical Documents

Year Three Documents (PDF 109 KB)

(PDF 56 KB)


Watch a Video about Year Three, Semester Five and Six.


Third Year - This set of documents describes the four elements of the third year process. They can be downloaded and then saved to a personal version of the documents for you to complete. We recommend that you add your name or initials to the name of new file and save it in a secure location on your H Drive or on an external device.

  • Third Year Faculty Plan – This document contains the elements that must be included in your Third Year Plan which you will develop and share with your Dean and Mentor.
  • Third Year Mentee Responsibilities – A chronological list of responsibilities for the Third Year
  • Third Year Probationary Checklist – A checklist of those same responsibilities
  • Third Year Portfolio – Instructions that will help you create your Third Year Portfolio, which is a collection of documents you will use to describe the activities of the Third Year.