Professional Development

Course Descriptions

CETL offers professional development courses designed for veteran faculty working on their 5-Year Renewal Certification. These courses seek to sharpen facilitation skills, introduce new teaching methods, and encourage faculty innovation. They can be taken in any combination depending on the needs of the faculty member. New courses will be added to the list throughout the year, so be sure to check the online calendar and our CETL “What’s New?” page frequently. 

Accelerated Teaching Methods (also meets #52*)

This course prepares educators to create a teaching and learning environment that utilizes accelerated teaching and training techniques, promotes active learning, and supports learners with a variety of learning preferences and needs while fostering continuous improvement in teaching and learning.

Instructor’s Guide to Effective Instruction of Dyslexic and Learning Disabled Students

This workshop is designed to provide Instructors with a working understanding of dyslexia and learning disabilities; to dispel misconceptions about the common disabilities; to help Instructors recognize signs of dyslexia/learning disabilities and to arm Instructors with tools to adjust curriculum and teaching methods without lowering student expectations.

Faculty Mentor Training

This workshop will address new faculty needs, mentor roles, effective mentor-mentee relationships, and the Madison College New Faculty Mentoring Program objectives, expectations, and guidelines.

Fearless Facilitation (*2 credits)

This workshop focuses on facilitation skills such as preparing for the class, engaging the audience, managing discussions, pacing the presentation, and creating clear outcomes for any course. Facilitator tips and planning checklists are recommended, and examples of strong facilitation are examined.

Honors Faculty Workshop

This workshop prepares full- and part-time faculty from across the college and across the region to supervise eligible Honors students in the completion of an Honors Project. This workshop is required to serve as an Honors faculty member.

#58 Leadership and Supervision – WTCS #58 Certification Requirement (*2 credits)

This course prepares practicing or aspiring leaders and supervisors of instructional staff in the WTCS to provide effective leadership of planning, design, implementation, evaluation and marketing of learning opportunities and other related services. The emphasis is on contributions to a learning college and team environment.

Courses with an * meet requirements for 5-Year Certification Renewal.

All courses are face-to-face (F2F) format unless indicated otherwise indicated

Interest Based Problem Solving, IBPS Primer

This is an opportunity to deepen your understanding of what makes Interest Based Problem Solving effective for solving problems collaboratively. As a result of this learning, participants will have the foundational knowledge and understanding to be an active participant in an IBPS process. All prospective alternates and delegates for the Contract Alternative Committee and teams as well as future IBPS facilitators need this session. This session is open to all employees.

Preparing to Teach a Flipped Class

Have you wondered what all the buzz is about? Are you interested in finding out if a Flipped Classroom model might work for you? Join us for a four-week class where the “Flipped Classroom” concept will be defined, areas in which this philosophy could be applied to your current teaching methods will be identified, and activities and resources available for use in your flipped class will be explored.

The Art of Conflict Transformation

Conflict is a natural part of life that presents us with opportunities for creative solutions. When approached openly and with curiosity, conflict can actually motivate us to change and grow, and deepen our relationships with others. Yet,many of us have been taught that to be in conflict is a negative experience in which we should either retreat, concede or fight until we win.

Preparing to Teach Online - PTTO (*2 credits; also meets WTCS #52)

This course provides an introduction to the design and pedagogy of online teaching and learning. This course provides the opportunity to gain experience in e-learning environments and online facilitation best practices.

Preparing to Teach Hybrid - PTTH (*2 credits; also meets WTCS #52)

Preparing to Teach Hybrid provides an introduction to the design and pedagogy of hybrid teaching and learning. Learner will gain experience in the hybrid learning environment and apply hybrid best practices to the design of a specific course.

They will develop specific hybrid teaching materials, syllabus policies, communication strategies, learning activities and assessments that will lead to highly effective hybrid instruction.

Cognos Cubes, Program Retention Cube

The Cognos Data Cubes are customizable data solutions that provide users with aggregated (numerical count) data of student, program and course content using a combination of hundreds of variables to gain powerful insights. The Program Retention Cube was defined to provide program directors and college staff with the ability to track and analyze retention and completion outcomes at the program level.