Projects and Requests


Current Projects & Planned Maintenance

 See Current Projects  for Facility Services.  

All new and remodeled spaces will meet ADA requirements and current workstation design standards.


Construction/Remodeling Projects

All construction and remodeling projects are submitted through the same project request/review/approval/prioritization process, regardless of the type of request (instructional vs. support services). The exception would be in the case of a request being a code, safety or compliance issue, or if the request had a significant impact on instruction.

Projects are prioritized first by the respective capital planning subcommittee and then by the District Capital Planning Committee. The College Council and Madison College Board ultimately approve all projects.

The ratio of total dollars spent between instructional and support services since 1988 is approximately 85 percent instructional and 15 percent support services.

Please complete the top half of the Project Request Form, along with required signatures, before submission to Facility Services for follow through.

Project Request Form (DOC, 56 KB)


Project Questions:  Contact your department supervisor or Fred Brechlin, Associate Director/Professional Services Manager, Madison College Facility Services or call (608) 246-6837.

IAQ Work:  Contact Wes Marquardt, Facility Engineering Manager, Madison College Facility Services or call (608) 243-4040.


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