PRP Check List

Prior to Initiating a Position Requisition the following needs to be done:

  • If you are planning to change Position Type (from Admin to PSRP, from PSRP to Admin etc.), you need to work with your HR Representative to determine if there needs to be notification of intent of this change.
  • If this position is being revised, you need to work with your HR Rep to determine the appropriate classification process.
  • What you need in-hand before logging into the online system and completing the Initiator Steps:
    • Time and Labor department of position that is being filled.
    • Position Number (or name of incumbent if currently filled).
    • Project/Grant Information:
      • If position is funded by a grant or project you will need to know the Project ID#. If you do not know the Project ID# contact the Budget Office. If a Grant or Contract currently exists, a Project ID# will be provided to you. If the grant or project does not yet exist (is not yet approved) you may be directed to leave this blank and fill in the Grant Agency and Grant Name.
    • Proposed work schedule for PSRP and Administrative positions in terms of: hours per week, weeks per year, and start and end time. If schedule varies by week throughout the year you will need to indicate this in the work schedule notes box as the proposed work schedule is the basis of what is advertised for the position. FT faculty only requires hours per week and weeks per year to be indicated.

 If, as a supervisor, you are proposing a change that will most likely result in a change in salary for the position you can get a pre-calculation of the funding difference from the Budget Office if you can provide current position # and proposed new range/classification. The estimate provided can provide rough guidelines about how much funding you may have to identify if approval is contingent on funding the difference. Note that this will be an estimate only as final cost