Purchase Order Information


Employees have the ability to enter purchase orders with the approval of their supervisor. Purchase orders are entered using the PeopleSoft Financial system. Log in to PeopleSoft Financial Systems to complete purchase orders, approve, cancel, etc.


To enter a purchase order in PeopleSoft, refer to Purchase Order Entry - Short Version. (DOC, 54 KB)


To approve a purchase order in PeopleSoft, refer to Purchase Order Approval Manual (PDF, 1192 KB). 


To increase a purchase order amount in PeopleSoft, email the following information to Purchasing (PO number and the new dollar amount).  Also, please verify that budget dollars are available.


To cancel a purchase order, send an email to purchasing@madisoncollege.edu (include purchase order number and reason). 


To request a new vendor or to change vendor information, please have supplier complete the Vendor Form (PDF, 65 KB) and email form with a copy of their W9 to vendors@madisoncollege.edu. Be sure to check in PeopleSoft to see if the vendor you are requesting to be added is already listed as a vendor in the PeopleSoft system. To search in the PO Entry screen, click the hour glass next to the Vendor, enter the main part of the vendor name in the "Short Vendor Name" field and change qualifier from "begins with" to "contains," then click "lookup."


 For questions, email purchasing@madisoncollege.edu