Quiz: Copyright Basics and Educational Exceptions

To check your understanding of copyright concepts, there is a quiz found in the 'Copyright Training' Blackboard course.  You must be enrolled in the Blackboard course to take the quiz: to get enrolled in the class follow the procedures illustrated in the video at this link.  To start, you'll log in to Blackboard.  If you have troubles, please contact Belinda Prahl (x4380).  

This quiz covers the following competency and objectives:

Competency: Apply copyright laws to a specific Madison College role

  1. Identify situations where copyright law protection does and does not apply
  2. Construct a properly formatted copyright notice
  3. Identify ownership of various copyrighted works
  4. Identify copyrights, copyright infringement & contributory copyright infringement
  5. Classify copyright exceptions (TEACH Act, Fair Use, Public Domain)
  6. Identify Madison College licenses for copyrighted media & other works
  7. Demonstrate the ethical use of copyrighted materials