Requirements for Initial Certification

Positions Requiring Certification

Instructors who teach credit courses need to be certified by the Wisconsin Technical College System.

Educational & Occupational Requirements

Differ by instructor type

Academic Subject Instructor (School of Arts & Sciences)

  • Master’s degree in the subject area being taught or in a related field with 18 graduate credits in the instructional subject area. 
  • 12 months of full-time work (2,000 hours) in any field except education.
  • Academic subject instructor applies to General Education and College Transfer courses under instructional areas in the 800 series
    • 801/831 English/Communications, 802 World Languages, 803 History, 804/834 Mathematics, 805 Music, 806/836-Sciences, 807 Physical Education, 808 Reading, 809 Social Science, 810 Performing Arts, 815 Fine Arts & 890-College Success

Basic Education Instructor (School of Academic Advancement)

  • Bachelor’s degree with a minor or 20 semester credits in the instructional subject area. 
  • 12 months of full-time work (2,000 hours) in any field except education.
  • Basic Education applies to courses under instructional area
    • 850-859 Basic Education, 860 Computer Basics, 861 English as a Second Language & 862 Career Education

Occupational Subject Instructor

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent with education or training preparing a person for the occupational area being taught.
  • Bachelor’s Degree Equivalent:
    • Verifiable apprenticeship in the skilled trades and successful experience as a journeyman for a combined total of 7 years.
    • Occupational experience, combined with an Associate Degree education and training to prepare a person for the occupation which totals 7 years or 14,000 hours.
  • 24 months of full-time work (4,000 hours) as a fully qualified worker in each occupational area being taught.
  • Occupational Areas include
    • School of Applied Science Engineering & Technology, School of Business & Applied Arts, School of Health Education, School of Human & Protective Services

Process to be Certified as a WTCS Instructor

  1. Complete online Madison College job application
  2. Provide Official Transcripts (DOC, 586 KB) to Human Resources
    • Pay transcript fees to your Alma Mater
  3. Provide Verification of Employment (DOC, 52 KB) for non-teaching work history to Human Resources
  4. Occupational Subject Instructor may require program-specific licensure or requirements to Human Resources

If you have any questions regarding certification, contact Diana Paynter, Certification Program Coordinator, at (608) 246-6907.