A&S Curriculum Projects

Administrative Priorities

The School of Arts and Sciences fosters student success by providing a well-planned and clearly articulated curriculum that offers students an accessible, relevant, high-quality academic experience.  Our commitment to student success drives the work of the School of Arts and Sciences in developing, implementing and reviewing courses that:

  • Increase offerings to support transfer agreements, Associate or Arts or Associate of Science degree requirements, and pre-majors
  • Support the needs of programs through high-quality general education offerings
  • Expand the flexible learning options (hybrid, online, accelerated, and other flexible options) to enhance student access to courses
  • Revise courses to increase transferability and respond to occupational and technical program needs
  • Revise courses to enrich assessment
  • Address the curriculum priorities of Learner Success

Curriculum and Assessment Committee

In pursuit of these goals and actions, the Arts and Sciences Curriculum and Assessment Committee

  • Reviews proposals for new courses and course revisions submitted by instructors and their departments.
  • Recommends courses for approval for the Arts and Sciences curriculum.
  • Distributes available funds to individuals for their work in writing curriculum.
  • Forwards highly ranked proposals to a college-wide curriculum committee for funding consideration.

Committee Members

  • English → Cherif Correa, Gwen Ebert
  • World Languages → Eric Baxter
  • Communication and Performing Arts → Franklin Cham
  • Humanities → Luke Matthews
  • Math and Computer Science → Dave Sarocka, Flynn Dustrud
  • Physical Sciences → Jennifer Lewis
  • Biology → Robert Lovely
  • Administration → Kevin Mirus

Proposal Form Format

All boxes on the proposal form are editable in Word.  The proposal form can be accessed on the Curriculum Forms and Templates page.

Multiple proposals

You may submit more than one project. However, because funds are limited, the Arts and Sciences Curriculum and Assessment Committee can usually recommend only one grant per year to an individual faculty member.

A&S Curriculum and Assessment Team Funding Process

Recently, there have been two funding sources for curriculum projects in A&S:  our own School's curriculum money, and strategic funding from the office of the Associate Vice President of Learner Success.  Strategic funding may have particular requirements that some of our proposals meet.  When this occurs, we forward those proposals that seem appropriate for consideration of these funds, as this expands our ability to stretch our funding dollars. 

The A&S team ranks all proposals using our rubric (Word, 163 KB).  In the event a project is funded from an alternative source, we shift our Center funds to proposal(s) that rank next on our list.

Curriculum proposers are encouraged to identify the funding source most appropriate for their proposals.  In any event, the A&S team considers all proposals for School funding and only withdraws a proposal that secures funding from another source.

Submission Process

  1. Develop your proposal for a new course or course revision.
  2. Present your proposal to your department for feedback.
  3. obtain your department’s approval and suggestions.
  4. Refine and complete your proposal.
  5. Meet with Kevin Mirus to discuss your project and to obtain his signature. Leave a hard copy with Kevin.
  6. Submit your proposal to A&S Curriculum and Assessment Committee Chair, Dave Sarocka, either electronically (dsarocka@madisoncollege.edu), or by hard copy to room C3450.
  7. Upcoming submission deadlines for proposals requesting funding are as follows:
    1. First offering of course; Proposal Due Date
    2. Spring 2016; Wednesday, 9/23/2015
    3. Summer or Fall 2016; Friday, 10/30/2015
    4. Spring 2017; Friday, 3/25/2016

Note:   Proposals that are not requesting funding may be submitted any time; however if you are planning to submit a proposal in the Fall 2015 semester, submit no later than November 20th if you need to know the Committee's decision prior to the end of the semester.  Funding decisions for Spring 2016 offerings will be announced by October 23rd.  Funding decisions for Summer 2016 and Fall 2016 offerings will be announced by December 18th. 

Proposal Form Instructions

Download a printable copy of the Proposal Form Instructions (Word, 30 KB) for suggestions and clarifications when completing the proposal form and for information on how the proposal form is assessed.