Scheduling a Telepresence Room

How to schedule a meeting/session in the Madison College Telepresence rooms
  • The correct approach is to schedule the session via Outlook and add the Telepresence rooms you are looking to use as the Rooms for the meeting invite.
  • A few items to consider when scheduling:
    • When possible, use the small (2 seat) rooms rather than the larger classrooms
    • This is applicable for Reedsburg – use 116 NOT 110
    • This is applicable for Truax – use 206F NOT 135A
    • Do not use Truax 226D.  This is exclusively for the help desk to provide support for the Telepresence classrooms
    • If there is a class scheduled in the room, leave 15 minutes as a buffer prior to scheduling your session
    • Be sure to invite all telepresence rooms you wish to have included as locations
  • Review the quick reference guide for using the Telepresence rooms
  • Review the Telepresence room use guidelines
  • Be sure to follow the End of Class/Meeting checklist when the session is over 
  • If the session is scheduled by 8am on Friday the prior week, the room will automatically unlock 10 minutes prior to session start time*
  • If the session is scheduled for the same week, you may need to make special arrangements for room access
  • Be sure to do a “busy search” using the Scheduling Assistant in Outlook to see availability for the rooms
  • Watch for the reply from each of the telepresence rooms that are included in your session to verify the meeting has been accepted
  • If you are scheduling a multi-point session, be sure to inform the participants that EACH location must join the session by pressing the link for your session on the touch screen phone
  • Multi-point sessions can be scheduled for up to 14 telepresence sites (Madison College has 11 rooms available for scheduling)
  • Multi-point sessions will automatically end at the session's scheduled end time.  The telepresence unit will provide a short graphic on the telepresence screen when there are two minutes left 
  • When scheduling, it is important to remember the types of TPx rooms we have at each campus.  View the list of telepresence rooms.
*Auto lock/unlock is not available at South or Commercial Avenue. We are working to rectify this issue. In the meantime, you will need to contact the following person to arrange room access:


South Madison
Corina Diaz Suazo
Javier Neira
Maria Lopez Lara
Front Desk Staff
(608) 243-4200
Commercial Avenue
Randy Schulte
Room 125 Extension 5207