Smart Classrooms

We call them "smart" classrooms, yet so often we feel so "dumb" when we find ourselves scheduled to teach in one. Technology of any sort is just a set of machines. The only intelligence is what you as an instructor bring to it.
At Madison Area Technical College the term "smart" classroom refers to a classroom that has at least a computer and data projector permanently placed in it. They may also be called "multimedia" classrooms. You will find them with different equipment, capabilities, and sizes, from a simply a projector on a cart connected to a laptop computer, to a full multimedia classroom including a ceiling mounted projector, electric screen, CD/DVD/video tape players, electronic whiteboards, and audio systems.

It is important to know how the buttons and controls of all the gizmos and doo-dads operate. But using technology effectively is much more than that. Without adequate preparation and knowledge of the teaching and learning process, using technology can actually make you LESS effective. As a teacher you need to know more than just how to get the equipment to operate but also how teaching with technology changes the learning process and how to leverage technology to become an even better teacher than you already are.

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) can help you to effectively use the technical resources available to you if you find yourself in a classroom with way more equipment than you ever thought you would use, or if you want to do a better job with what you are already doing.

It's all about doing the best job as a teacher so that our students can do their best as students.
Contact CETL (246-6646) to arrange for training or to find out what is available to faculty to be more successful teachers in a traditional class. Additional Information may be available at the CETL website.