Student Attendance Procedures

It is the faculty member’s responsibility to establish his/her attendance policy to coincide with Madison College policy.  Written guidelines for attendance and requirements for makeup assignments and tests should be included on the syllabus.  Faculty members are also required to submit attendance for each student at the conclusion of the course.


It is essential to take attendance at every class meeting.  A last date of attendance is necessary for a grade of F1 or FX.  The date a student stops attending class is important for financial aid, veteran’s benefits, insurance claims, etc.


It is be the sole responsibility of the student to withdraw from a course. A student may withdraw from a course within the term prior to the 90 percent point of that course.    Please update your syllabi to include withdrawal information. Communicate to students that it is their responsibility to formally withdraw from your class if they need to drop your course and that you will NOT be withdrawing them for attendance, participation, or any other issue. Faculty may not issue a "W" to any student for any reason. Faculty may issue an “N” to any student who never attended.