Student Development & Success

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Keith Cornille
Senior Vice President of
Student Development & Success
(608) 246-6464


As an educator, my philosophy is rooted in the simple principle that education is essential to the economic, intellectual and social growth and development of a community, ensuring the opportunity for the sharing of differing ideas and opinions. As educators our role is to be reflective and responsive to the needs of our community, creating opportunities and organizations that are agile and able to meet the ever changing needs of our students, communities and workforce.

As educators we also need to provide access to education for all learners, by being proactive in eliminating and reducing systematic barriers that create challenges for all who wish for and need training, skill development, and education in order to be productive members of society.

We need to be accountable to the students and community that we serve by acting with integrity while fulfilling the expectations of the community and handling of the public’s assets. As a public servant I am are obligated to serve all with integrity, respect, honesty and excellence.

I believe that as educators our role is to build inclusive learning communities, and prepare students for successful work and global citizenship. We have an obligation to commit ourselves to prepare students to be productive members of their community and the world in which they live.

Finally, our role is to create learner centered environments, which engages the individual within the classroom and out-of-class learning experiences in order to develop the holistic individual. By creating relationships and sharing knowledge, the educational community creates stronger individuals to lead our communities and the future of our society. As an educator I must provide safe environments where individuals can develop their creativity, foster their interpersonal skills, and test critical thinking.

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