Student Opinion of Instruction

The goal of asking for Student Feedback of instruction is to give students an opportunity to provide regular, meaningful feedback to faculty and the College with respect to their experience in classes at Madison College. Faculty members are encouraged to provide multiple opportunities for their students to express their reaction to experiences in each course that they teach. The Faculty Professional Assessment and Development committee reviews and approves the standard questions to ensure consistency and relevance of the questions

Faculty members should take the necessary steps to ensure confidentiality of students’ feedback.  While anonymity cannot be guaranteed, faculty members should inform students that their feedback will remain confidential, will only be used for increasing the quality of teaching, and will not be examined until after grades have been submitted

Model Options

  1. Madison College Student Survey Questions 
  2. Sample Departmental Online Course Evaluation Survey (Michigan State)
  3. Mid-Semester Formative Feedback Examples  

Survey Tools

  1. Blackboard Learn Survey Tool
  2. Online Survey Services


  • Detail how the results will be used – Explain to students why their feedback is important, including how it will be used to improve teaching and determine necessary changes to courses.
  • Ask for open-ended responses – While the survey is based mainly on scales from “strongly agree” to “strongly disagree” to allow easier analysis of results, we include an area for comments so that students can voice their perspective, rather than just answer pointed questions.
  • Raise Awareness – Instructors are encouraged to actively promote the online survey and remind students to complete their survey based on the timeline specified above. 
  • Don’t ask questions you can already answer – keep the survey precise, brief, and unique to your course.