Supervisors, Managers, and Directors

Once a PRP form has been initiated, supervisors, managers, and directors will receive the following email notice indicating an action is needed within their PeopleSoft worklist :

“There is a Position Requisition that needs your review.  Please log in to myMadisonCollege > Compensation Launch Pad and select Worklist to view it.    Do not respond to this email - it is not sent from a valid email address!     T+L DEPTID: 151  Pos Req # XX”

The Position Requisition must be reviewed and action must be taken for the requisition to continue routing through the workflow and approval process.   If action is not taken no change will occur and the requisition will remain in your worklist.


The supervisor, manager and/or director should review the PRP.


If the Supervisor agrees with the Position Requisition request select the “Supervisor Approve” button.

If the Supervisor does not agree with the Position Requisition or wants changes in the Position Requisition there are 2 options:

  1. Supervisor rejects – select the “Supervisor Reject” button - if this option is selected the position requisition will be closed and no changes can be made. (If the position will be proposed at a later time a new position requisition will need to be initiated),
  2. Supervisor works edits fields in Position Requisition (any of the tabs) and then approves by clicking “Supervisor Approve” button.


If a position requisition is initiated for a position that reports to the Vice President or Executive Director, they will receive an email notice indicating an action is needed within his or her Worklist for further review and approval.