Tax Sheltered Annuity Options (403b & 457)

All full-time and part-time employees are able to contribute pre-tax funds to a 403b or 457 account. The employee is responsible for setting up an account with one of the eligible companies (see lists below).  Once the employee has set up an account with an eligible company a Salary Reduction Form must be completed and submitted to the Payroll Department. For complete instructions, please see link below.

403(b) General Information and Approved Providers (PDF, 36 KB)

457 General Information (PDF, 106 KB)

457 Fact Sheet (PDF, 39 KB)

457 Eligible Companies (PDF, 26 KB)

Download the Salary Reduction Form (PDF, 33.4 KB)


Questions can be directed to Kristin Gebhardt in Human Resources.