Technology & Software Training

This page provides a synopsis of software & technologies used here at Madison College, as well as links to resources available to you as an employee. General training is available through the Annual Tech Academy in May, Tech Training Friday Vodcast , Convocation, as well as regularly scheduled classes on popular topics. Training is typically coordinated by CETL and you can register for many opportunities through our registration site.  All employees are expected to have basic technology competencies when attending training.

Adobe Acrobat :

Adobe Acrobat has many capabilities for PDF creation.  Acrobat PDF forms can collect standard information from your users into a spreadsheet or database.  To request training about PDF creation or Acrobat forms, please use the CETL request form.  Find a Quick Reference Guide for Windows Adobe Acrobat 10 (PDF, 560 KB).

Blackboard :

Blackboard is course management software that provides an online shell into which faculty can add course content. It is available to all Madison Area Technical College faculty and staff.  To find out more about training opportunities, visit a Blackboard Mentor at your campus, or sign up for an online Blackboard training course.

[Adobe] Connect:

Adobe Connect is an interactive software package that lets you visually and audibly communicate over the internet.  To learn more about Connect, visit a Connect Mentor.

Drupal :

Drupal is the platform for our content management system (CMS) website. Using a CMS provides web administrators and content creators with the ability to create and edit content without needing any knowledge of HTML or other code used in order to create the pages. Drupal training must be approved by web administrators, please use the request form to initiate training.  Existing web authors should find training via their Web Administrator or through the Drupal Web Author Blackboard Resource.

FacultyCenter or Final Grades :

Final grades are registered through your 'FacultyCenter' via myMadisonCollege.  Training for this can be found inside Blackboard under the 'Learner Success Blackboard Page'.  See also a webcast about entering final grades. Lastly, stop by CETL to get guide-by-your-side assistance when entering your final grades.

Learning Objects :

Learning Objects are small, digital, stand alone, instructional "chunks of knowledge" (or modules). They are designed to be reused and repackaged (stacked together into larger instructional structures) to meet the needs of a variety of learning environments and different contexts.  We make some learning objects here at the college, but there are also many available through WiscOnline and the California-based MERLOT.

Outlook :

Microsoft Outlook is the email system at Madison Area Technical College.  Find quick reference guides, FAQs and other help, visit the Outlook page.  There are training sessions at most Convocation events.  If your department, unit, or new employee needs training, please use the CETL request form.  Outlook 2010 is included in Windows 7 & Office 2010 Orientation Training.

Job Requisition Process :

The Job Requisition Process is used by Administrators and other designated staff to process Position information .  It includes an automatic routing function for approvals and processing.  Training documentation can be found online.  Work with your HR Genralists/Business Partners.

Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) :

Office training is coordinated by technology trainers in CETL.  Customized training can be requested by individuals or departments at the CETL request form.  Find upcoming sessions on Excel, Access, OneNote, and Outlook, scroll to the bottom of this page or sign up through CETL.

[Adobe] Presenter :

Madison College currently partners with Fox Valley Technical College for Adobe Connect and related services.  Please visit the Fox Valley Technical College's Connect support page to download and install Adobe Presenter.  Our Connect support person on-campus is Brant Kraemer from CETL.

Smart Classrooms :

A smart classroom is the term designated to the classrooms that have a computer and projector and often contain other multi-media equipment.  For help on smart classrooms, call the Help Desk (x6666), contact a Technology Trainer at CETL, or visit any smart classroom to find instructions.

SurveyMonkey :

As of May 2010, SurveyMonkey is the College's Online survey and questionnaire tool. IRE will only be supporting online surveys developed using this tool. Support may include training, development, design, deployment and analysis.  Survey training is done by IRE and SurveyMonkey training is done by CETL. Request this training through the CETL request form.  Find also the SurveyMonkey tutorial site which is very well done.

Time Sheet Entry :

Madison College uses Workday to record time entry for all faculty and staff.  Training is available through the training job aids, orientation, or specific questions to the help desk.

TelePresence Classrooms :

TelePresence is a Cisco system that allows classrooms in two regional campuses to connect seamlessly.  Training is done by CETL for faculty who will be using this technology.  Training is available the week before each semester, registration dates and times can be found in the CETL registration site.  More information about the TelePresence rooms can be found at the TelePresence Services page or in the TelePresence Blackboard Resource site.

YouTube :

YouTube is a free online video service that allows you to search videos to post into Blackboard and host videos that you've created. This service requires you to create a YouTube/Google account. For more information on YouTube, from viewing videos to posting videos to managaging videos, download and view this PDF file.


WIDS is the database for college curriculum and Outlines of Instruction. It is coordinated by CETL. Find more information at the WIDS web page.

Windows 7 & Office 2010 :

Starting in 2012, all employees will be upgraded to Windows 7.  There is a one-hour orientation training that will be offered to you when your department is upgraded.  This training occurs monthly as well and is available to all employees through the CETL registration website.  Find an outline of the training content, as well as additional links to on-demand training at the Windows 7 & Office 2010 Orientation Outline.

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