TelePresence Classroom Training


Telepresence allows Madison Area Technical College to reach students in two locations in such a realistic way that it feels as if everyone is in the same room. This immersive environment is created by making sure that the rooms are identical in every aspect. In each room, to facilitate instruction, is an instructor computer, high definition document camera, two large supplemental monitors to display what is being performed on the instructor computer. These supplemental monitors display that information to both rooms simultaneously. Additionally each room is outfitted with a laptop for each student station in order to allow student access to Blackboard and MS Office programs.
The configuration of these rooms has proven highly conducive to discussion and collaboration within a class. According to faculty already teaching on this technology, students are more engaged than in traditional face-to-face classes.

Telepresence Rooms

Madison Area Technical College has fourteen Telepresence rooms. 

  • Seven rooms are large classrooms that seat 16-18 students and the instructor.  The primary use of these rooms is instructional delivery. 
  • Five rooms are small room which hold 1-2 people.  These rooms are used for tutoring, advising, and meetings.
  • One room is medium sized which holds 10 people.  It is located in Reedsburg.
  • One room is reserved for the Madison College Help Desk.  With this room, Madison College offers the Concierge service which allows users in the telepresence rooms to obtain face-to-face assistance from a member of the Help Desk team. 

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Training Materials - Telepresence Meeting Usage

Training Materials - Telepresence Classroom Instruction

Training Materials have been updated to include ActivePresence. ActivePresence Classes can connect 3 or more Telepresence sites in 1 class period.

NEW! Telepresence ActivePresence Quick Reference Guide (PDF, 84 KB)

UPDATED! Telepresence Faculty Training Guide (PDF, 276 KB)

UPDATED! Telepresence Student Information Handout (PDF, 54 KB)

UPDATED! Telepresence Faculty Campus Information (PDF, 52 KB)

UPDATED! Telepresence End of Class Checklist (PDF, 35 KB))

Basic Phone Quick Reference Guide (PDF)

Touch Phone Quick Reference Guide- for Portage & Reedsburg only (PDF, 408 KB)

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