Template Use and Guidelines

We’ve developed templates in Word and PowerPoint to allow department staff opportunities to create printed materials for use when promoting small or internal events, classes or programs.

See the directions below for downloading and working with these templates. CETL technology trainers are available to answer questions on template use or to direct you to online resources.

General directions for Word templates

  • You must have some experience working with Word. Please contact CETL for training resources.
  • Download and open the template in Word.
  • Images will appear faded back but will print fine.
  • Margins and text area has been set; begin typing in text area.
  • Use Century Gothic font.
  • Body type cannot be smaller than 7 point type and no larger than 10 point type; 9 point type is recommended.
  • Madison College images on a variety of subjects are available through our Flickr photostream. For more on this, see below.

General directions for PowerPoint slides—welcome, thank you, background

  • You must have some experience working with PowerPoint. Please contact CETL for training if you need it.
  • Open the PowerPoint document.
  • Content slide is designated as the "master slide."
  • Use one or all of slides by adding or deleting as needed.
  • See Photography Tips and Resources for some ideas on images for your PowerPoint.

Downloading Madison College images from Flickr

  • Go to the Madison College photostream on Flickr.
  • For posters and flyers, in the search box (upper right) type “Flyer” to find pre-sized flyer images.
  • Note: Flyer images are 1170 x 2790 pixels (3.9 x 9.3 inches)
  • Click on the cover image you want to use.
  • On the “Actions” drop down menu (just above the image), select “View all sizes.”
  • Select the “Original size” button.
  • Download the photo.
  • You can also search for other photos by type or program. Keep in mind that images for the brochure must fit the width of the column.
  • A note about searching on Flickr: Make sure you are searching in Madison College's "photostream," not "Everyone's Downloads." There is a drop-down menu when you enter items in the search box; select the college photostream.

Note: If you have a brochure request or other marketing aimed at prospective students and external audiences, please contact the Marketing and Creative Services Department using the Marketing Request Form. Thanks!

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