Typical Online Learning Consortium and QM Workshop Structure

  • 2-4 weeks in length
  • Primarily asynchronous -- you determine the time and place of your participation.*
  • Workshops require an estimated 5-12 hour commitment each week.
  • These ungraded, online, asynchronous professional development workshops will take place on the "Moodle" course management system.  (Some workshops feature additioanl synchronous sessions on Elluminate.)  The workshops cover a broad range of topics related to online teaching and learning and are facilitated by experts in online eduction from diverse institutions and associations. Participation in these workshops also provides an opportunity to interact with faculty and administrators from a wide variety of institutions. Most workshops range in length from ten days to three weeks, and since these workshops are ungraded, enrollees are welcome to particpate at whatever level of involvement is most appropriate for them. (Those accustomed to the enrollment caps on CTL workshops should be aware that the Sloan workshops may contain fiftey (50) or more participants.)

  • *Some workshops may have a minimal synchornous (real-time) compenent using Elluminate, a web conferencing program that you access online -- no special software will be needed, but you will need to ensure that you have an up-to-date version of Java installed to download and access Elluminate components. For those unable to attend a synchronous meeting, the live sessions are recorded and can be accessed online.