Web Services

The Web Strategies Bureau is responsible for Madison Area Technical College's comprehensive host of web services. Web services are a central means of exchanging information with Madison Area Technical College's key stakeholders, students, and faculty.

The Madison Area Technical College Website at http://madisoncollege.edu is written for both the college community and our many stakeholders both in and outside of Wisconsin.  The Website is built on a flexible and easy to use content management system that enables each area of the college to ensure that it provides accurate and consistent information related to college business, mission, and services.

 A separate area of the site is designed for faculty and staff  and provides information for all employees including administrators, PSRP, part-time and full-time faculty. Within this area are Instructional Resources designed to support student/teacher course and classroom communication and interaction. Faculty Web Sites are also housed within this section of the website.

Accessibility is always foremost in the college's web strategy.  The site's current text-based navigation is fast loading and designed for compatibility with devices designed to assist disabled users in accessing the Web. We plan for future design updates to further improve site access for the disabled and to meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and W3C guidelines.

Our mission is to

  • Promote a first class professional website that serves current students, attracts future students, and provides accurate and timely information to all college stakeholders
  • Provide a web process and structure that enables all college web authors to easily manage and post their information
  • Provide a solid web structure that enables integration with Madison Area Technical College's major systems serving students, faculty,  finance, human resources, e-learning, and business and community
  • Strive for accessibility for all


For help from Web Services, call the Madison Area Technical College Help Desk at 608-246-6666 or by submitting the online e-mail form. Help Desk staff will promptly log and then route your call or request to the appropriate Web Services manager or technical support staff. If you need to request a web project, please download the Project Request Form (DOC) and submit it to the Help Desk. View our Web Application Portfolio (PDF, 81 KB).