WIDS Curriculum System

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The WIDS database stores course and program curriculum. It generates outlines of instruction for display on public catalog webpages.

Faculty and staff members are able to search the WIDS system directly at madisoncollege.wids.org. (Your WIDS User ID and password will be the same as your Madison College Network User ID and password.)

For more information contact: The Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning (CETL) at 608-246-6646, Truax room B2208.

WIDS How-to Tutorials

Accessing Outlines of Instruction: (YouTube.) **Starting in fall 2015, use your Madison College ID and password to log in.

Introduction to WIDS: Screen Cast | PDF (PDF 514KB)

Create a Competency & Learning Objectives: Screen Cast | PDF (PDF 766KB)

Create Performance Standards: Screen Cast | PDF (PDF 212KB)

How to Create a Syllabus: Screen Cast | PDF (PDF 598KB)

Build a Syllabus Schedule: Screen Cast | PDF (PDF 598KB)

Using Guidelines to Add Content to Your Syllabus: Screen Cast | PDF (PDF 598KB)

Create Learning Plans: Screen Cast | PDF (PDF 540 KB)

Exporting and Printing Course Reports: Screen Cast | PDF (PDF 547KB)

Create Course PATS (PDF 798KB)