WIDS Curriculum System

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The WIDS database houses course and program competencies, including outlines of instruction. Members of the public access WIDS-generated outlines from course catalog pages.

Faculty and staff members are able to search the WIDS system directly at madisoncollege.wids.org

**Beginning in fall 2015, your WIDS User ID and password will be the same as your Madison College Network User ID and password.

For more information contact:

The Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning (CETL) at 608-246-6646, Truax room B2208.

WIDS How-to Tutorials

Accessing Outlines of Instruction: (YouTube.) **Starting in fall 2015, use your Madison College ID and password to log in.

Introduction to WIDS: Screen Cast | PDF (PDF 514KB)

Create a Competency & Learning Objectives: Screen Cast | PDF (PDF 766KB)

Create Performance Standards: Screen Cast | PDF (PDF 212KB)

How to Create a Syllabus: Screen Cast | PDF (PDF 598KB)

Build a Syllabus Schedule: Screen Cast | PDF (PDF 598KB)

Using Guidelines to Add Content to Your Syllabus: Screen Cast | PDF (PDF 598KB)

Create Learning Plans: Screen Cast | PDF (PDF 540 KB)

Exporting and Printing Course Reports: Screen Cast | PDF (PDF 547KB)

Create Course PATS (PDF 798KB)