Windows 7 & Office 2010 Training Outline

This training is offered monthly via the CETL Registration Website and will be offered to you when your unit or department is upgrading and it is indicated that you would like training on your upgrade confirmation form.  You can also simply request training if you have 5 or more interested coworkers.  Alan Natachu or Belinda Prahl will coordinate a convenient time for all interested parties in your department!

  1. Windows 7 Interface
    • Task Bar, Start button, Program Icon
      • Pinning applications to task bar
      • Pinning frequent files to jump list
    • Aero
      • Seeing desktop with show desktop button or Windows Key + Space
      • Preview open applications on taskbar
      • Maximize open window
      • Flip through windows with Windows Key + tab
  2. Windows 7 File Management
  3. Using the Start Menu
  4. Web Browser
  5. Office 2010
  6. Outlook 2010

For users who feel lost: