FAQs - Backup your Internet Browser Favorites

Save your website bookmarks:

Below are the instructions for the three most common web browsers. You need only go through this process for the browser(s) that you have saved bookmarks to.


Internet Explorer favorites:

Open Internet Explorer, click the favorites button, click the down arrow next to “Add to Favorites” and select “Import and Export”


Select “Export to a file” and click Next


Place a checkmark in the top option – Favorites and click Next


Ensure the top folder (typically named Favorites) is highlighted and click Next


Select Browse and navigate to a Network Drive and select Save


Select Export and Finish




Open Firefox, select the Bookmarks button and click Show All Bookmarks


This will open a new window – within this window click Import and Backup and select Backup


Browse to a Network Drive and select Save




Google Chrome:

Open Chrome, select the wrench icon, select Bookmarks and then Bookmark manager



This will open a new tab in Chrome. Within this tab, select Organize and click Export Bookmarks to HTML file…



Browse to a Network Drive and click Save