FAQs - How to Backup your Files (Important!)

Tips and Terminology


This document will ask you to open My Computer – this icon is found on your desktop or by clicking Start and then selecting My Computer:            


This document will often use the term Profile. This is a set of folders on your computer that holds the majority of your personal data. Your Profile can be found by opening My Computer and browsing to C:\Documents and Settings\(your username)


This document will also refer to a Network Drive which is your personal H:\ drive or your department share, S:\


To make moving files easier, open two windows of My Computer side by side. One can be opened with your Profile folder selected and the other opened with your Network Drive selected (your H: or S: drive). This makes it easy to drag and drop files from one area to the other.


To select multiple files or folders, hold the “Ctrl” key on your keyboard as you click on files.


Backup your files:

Data files you may have stored on your computer need to be backed up to a Network Drive before migrating. The instructions below will guide you through the backup process.


Open My Computer and navigate to the Desktop folder under your Profile folder [C:\Documents and Settings\(your username)\Desktop]


Highlight any files or folders in this location that you would like to keep and drag or copy them to a Network Drive.

My Documents

Some computers are set to save the My Documents folder to the network automatically. Before backing up any of these files, we will first check if this is the case on your computer.


Locate your My Documents folder. It can be found in two locations:

On your desktop – look for a My Documents folder

Click Start and look for a My Documents folder (top right corner)


Right click on the My Documents folder and select Properties


This will open a new window. If the Target begins with C:\, you will need to backup the files and folders by either dragging or copying them to a Network Drive


If the Location begins with another letter (most commonly H:\)your My Documents folder is already saving to a Network Drive.