Word Processing

Word Processing's primary role is to support instructional and administrative staff in the production of typewritten documents.


  • Exams and quizzes are given top priority.
  • Files are stored electronically on a network system for future reference. Files are backed up each night for security.
  • Flatbed scanners for both B&W and colored drawings, photographs and text are available.
  • Access to a high-quality, full color printer.
  • An in-depth orientation to specific services can be obtained -- please contact us for an appointment!
  • It is our policy (Client Services) to have written copyright permission to re-use/re-key original text-book text.  We need written consent from the publishers; referencing where you got the text information is NOT a copyright clearance.  
  • Please include in your request your department MC code and Manager for billing purposes. 
  • Your department will be charged the standard $45.00 per hour for this work.


Truax: Word Processing is located in room 226


7:00 a.m. - 3:15 p.m. (M-F)

Contact: Documentservices@madisoncollege.edu