Year-End Processing Deadlines

To ensure adequate cash management, inventory control and overall financial management and budgetary goals, it is necessary to have a strategy for our spending during the fourth quarter of the fiscal year. Therefore, the following cutoff dates for purchases have been established.

Purchase Orders:

The last date to create a new Purchase Order for FY 2013/14 is June 13, 2014.

All FY 2013/14 purchase orders will be closed during the year end process. Exceptions to this rule include:

Pcard Purchases:

Purchases on Pcards will be cutoff on June 13, 2014. Exceptions to this rule include:

  • Travel related purchases will be processed through June 30, 2014.
  • Emergency purchases. Please email your requests to, for approval.

Technology Services:

Computer hardware and software must be requested by May 30, 2014. Requests after this date will be processed in the new fiscal year. Please use the “Request for Computer Hardware and Software” form. Questions should be directed to the IT Help Desk, or Paul Thomas (243-4500), Director of Technology Customer Service.

Any invoices, travel claims, parking reimbursements, tuition reimbursements and chartfield transfer requests related to FY 2013/14 activity must be received in the Finance Office by July 7, 2014. Any expenses received after this date will be charged to your FY 2014/15 budget.

If you have questions, contact Alane Spatola at 258-2350.