Incident Reports

To report an incident occurring call 608-245-2222, or 2222 from an interdepartmental phone.  If you would like to meet with an Officer to file a report of an incident that has already occurred you may come to the Public Safety Command Center, room B1240 Truax Campus, or call 608-245-2222 and request an Officer to meet you to file a report.

If you would like to request a report that has already been filed you may fill out a records request form and turn it in at the Public Safety Command Center, room B1240. 

Please understand that due to ongoing investigations and confidential information that all records may not be accessible and some documentation may be withheld from records before being distributed.

Once your request for records is submitted it will be reviewed by Madison College Public Safety command staff and you will receive a response within 5 business days with the decision whether the records may be released to you.  Pending on the records you are requesting there is no timeline as to when you will receive the requested records.  Requests are handled in the order in which they are received and are processed as timely as possible.  Any records request will be denied if a State photo ID is not present at the time of request or if the information is not filled out in its entirety. You will receive a copy of the request upon submittal.