Grade Assignment of “I”

The decision to award an incomplete in a degree-credit class is at the sole discretion of the instructor. An incomplete ("I") is a non-punitive grade which may be requested only if:

  1. The class is a degree-credit class, and
  2. The student is passing the class, and
  3. The student has a compelling and justifiable reason for not completing work due in the last one-fourth of the course on schedule, and
  4. The student and instructor are in agreement regarding work to be completed and have signed the Incomplete Request Form (PDF, 858 KB) specifying remaining work and due date(s) for completion. Due dates may not extend beyond the end of the following term. Summer is excluded as a term when determining due dates.

The Instructor is responsible for submitting the request form to the Enrollment Center and issuing the student the status of incomplete when issuing grades for the class.

Removal of "I"

Upon completion of remaining course work the instructor will change the status of "I" to the final grade via the Faculty Center.

Failure to resolve final grade by the due date(s) specified on the Incomplete Request Form (PDF, 858 KB) as submitted and agreed upon will result in the grade of incomplete automatically being converted to a grade of F.

Grade Calculation

When an incomplete is recorded in a semester, the calculations for the semester grade point average will not include the credits for the incomplete class and no credit points be recorded for the incomplete. The incomplete will appear as an “I” on the student record and transcript. For the purpose of calculating the grade point average, the credit will not appear in the total credits attempted or earned. When the incomplete is resolved, the calculation for the semester will be updated.

For assistance with requesting an incomplete from your instructor, contact the Enrollment Center at (608) 246-6210.

Approved by the Academic Policy Committee - December 2011