Industrial (Maintenance) Electrician Apprenticeship

Work Description


The industrial/maintenance electrician maintains and repairs many different types of electrical equipment. They may also modify or install electrical equipment like motors, transformers, generators, machine controls and lighting systems in industrial, commercial and public establishments. The electrician is responsible for the periodic inspection of equipment to locate and repair defects before breakdowns occur.

Working Conditions

Electricians must be able to stand for long periods of time and work in cramped or uncomfortable positions. They are employed in manufacturing plants and use protective equipment to avoid common hazards, such as safety belts, protective glasses and hard hats.


  • 4 year training program
  • 7,600 hours on-the-job training
  • 720 hours paid related instruction
  • Transition-To-Trainer Course in the final year of the apprenticeship.

The apprentice is taught the theory and the knowledge related to safety procedures while working with electrical components. Instruction also consists of local, state and national electrical codes pertaining to the industrial application.


You can find more information on the Department of Workforce Development of Wisconsin web page.