Industrial Maintenance FAQ

When can I start the program?

  • You can start the Industrial Maintenance program in the fall or spring semester.
When can I apply, and how can I apply?
  • You may apply to start the Industrial Maintenance program in either the fall or spring semester.
  • You can apply as early as one year before you plan to start.
  • Click here to apply
What are the admissions requirements?
  • The only admissions requirement is that you have a high school diploma, HSED, or GED.
Does this program have a waitlist?
  • No, this program typically does not have a waitlist.
What is the cost of tuition?
How long is the program and what kind of diploma/degree will I receive?
  • The Industrial Maintenance program is a 2-year technical diploma.
  • The programs will take two years to complete if you take all the classes each semester in sequence.  If you go part-time the program will take longer to complete.
What is a typical schedule?
  • Classes are typically held in the afternoon and evening, with a few exceptions.
  • While it will take a shorter period of time to complete the degree if you go full-time, many students in our program also choose to attend part-time.
  • Most classes are held at the Madison Truax campus.
Can I just take one or two of the program industrial maintenance classes without applying to the program?
  • Yes. After our program students register, remaining spots in the class open to non-program students.
  • Many of classes have pre-requisites, so you must have completed the basic skills classes (or have instructor permission if you have similar work experience) before you can continue to higher level courses.