Injury or Health Emergency

In case of serious illness or injury, the employee attending the person should:

  1. Call Emergency 911 immediately (Dial 9-911 from most campus phones).
  2. Give name and exact location.
  3. Explain the nature of the emergency.
  4. Direct someone to meet the emergency vehicle personnel and bring them to the ill or injured person.
  5. Contact the Public Safety Department at (608) 243-4357.
  6. Staff should not attempt to transport off site. If a phone number for a friend or family member is given, staff may attempt to call them for transportation.

Note: Madison College is not responsible for care or transport of injured/ill persons.

In the event of an accident/injury:

For staff: File a report of injury from with Human Resources as soon as possible after the incident. Forms are available through Divisional/Department offices and the Human Resources office.

For Students/Visitors: File a accident/incident report with the EH&S office. Forms are available through Divisional/Department offices and the EH&S office.

Employees are not expected to provide first aid unless specifically directed to do so by their job description. An employee trained in first aid who chooses to assist in emergency situations may certainly do so, but will be providing the assistance as a "good samaritan".

First Aid Kits and Automated External Defibrillators (AED) are located throughout the District for use as needed by those trained in their use.