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Student Center Training Guide (PDF, 951 KB)

Registration and Enrollment Tutorials

Recommended system requirements for using MyMadisonCollege?

If you have questions or need technical help accessing or using myMadisonCollege or other college resources, contact the Help Desks.

If you have enrollment, registration, or financial aid questions, check these myMadisonCollege Tutorials, check askMadisonCollege, or call the Enrollment Center at (608) 246-6210 or toll-free at (800) 322-6282, Ext. 6210.

What is myMadisonCollege?

myMadisonCollege is a student portal which provides a central location for student-related information and services.  It provides information on current happenings, library services, athletic events, and enrollment services such as adding classes, printing schedules, looking up grades, making address changes, and much more.

What services are available?

Once you’ve created an account you can: register for classes; view and print your class schedule; view your grades; view and print your degree progress report; view and print your enrollment verification; view your unofficial transcript; view and print a transfer credit report; view your Financial Aid information; order a parking permit; view your student account and make a payment; or update your phone and address information.  

How do I print my schedule or other reports in myMadisonCollege?

Upgrades to myMadisonCollege have helped make reports easier to print. You can use the browser file-print option to print when using myMadisonCollege. However, you may need to adjust some printer dialog settings to get exactly what you want to print out. If you encounter problems, one suggestion is to copy and paste information into a word processor and print that document. Print Screen may also be a useful tool.

Many students ask how to print their class schedule in calendar view because it may be difficult to adjust the settings to get this to print all on one page. You may want to add your classes to your student email calendar as recurring appointments, and print using that system.

Your advisement report can be located in your Student Center under My Academics. Choose view my adivisement report. This was previously called degree audit report.

For more information, see Registration and Enrollment Tutorials

How do I get started?

You must be a current student to create an account on myMadisonCollege. From the login page, select New Student Initial Login and follow the instructions.

At the end of the activation process you will be provided with a login id that will be used throughout the college technology community (network access, email, Blackboard, library databases, and askMadisonCollege).

Take advantage of the Tutorials accessible from the myMadisonCollege login page - On Demand tutorials about account activation and registration from the registration and enrollment department.

Information about how to Apply or Register

What if I’ve forgotten my login ID or password?

Use the Change or reset your password link on the myMadisonCollege login page.

If you have forgotten your username, use the New Student? Set Up Access Now link on the myMadisonCollege login page.

Why does my session time out?

Login sessions are set to timeout after a period of inactivity.  The intent is to help protect personal information.

Why do I have to enable cookies to view student account information or pay my bill?

Cookies must be enabled to ensure appropriate session identification in case a problem occurs during a transaction.  You can set your browser options to delete cookies at the time the session is terminated.

How do I search for a class?

Detailed instructions on how to search for classes, enroll in classes, and use other available self-service functions, can be found on the askMadisonCollege  knowledge center.

The Registration Tutorials are also helpful- On Demand tutorials about account activation and registration from the registration and enrollment departments.

How can I allow exceptions for myMadisonCollege with Security Certificate Warnings?

For myMadisonCollege, you may need to add an exception for the portal, even though it may appear that this is not recommended. More information.

How do I navigate the site?

The myMadisonCollege website is divided into small web pages.  The page heading identifies the topic such as Student Center Services, Student Senate, Wolfpack Alert, and many more. Most pages contain hyperlinks to more detailed information or dedicated sites on the topic.