Instructor Information

Student Qualification & Process

To receive testing accommodations, students must obtain an Accommodation Plan each year from Disability Resource Services. They should be prepared to show you a copy of this plan which will indicate the specific accommodations they are eligible to receive. Students may be eligible for a variety of testing accommodations (extra time, private room, audio format, scribe, etc.) depending on their disability and individual needs. Instructors have the option to provide the specified accommodations. Otherwise, the student should make arrangements to take their test through Accommodated Testing Services. Testing accommodations are available to students at all campus locations.

It is the student's responsibility to submit a Student Reservation Form online at least five days prior to the requested test date. They must submit this form for each test.  Whenever possible, the student should schedule tests on the same day and at approximately the same time as the class. This can vary depending on availability of test proctors and the individual student's class/work schedule. 

Instructor Responsibility & Process

A Madison College e-mail address is required for all communication to and from the Accommodated Testing Office. Instructors will automatically receive an e-mail notification when a student submits a request. This will include the student's name, course name, testing date and time requested and location. Please do not submit tests If you have not received an e-mail notification. The email also includes a link to the Delivery Sheet that will need to be completed, specifying how the test should be administered and how you would like the test returned to you.

The Delivery Sheet can be filled out and submitted online. All instructors must provide the Delivery Sheet and the test at least 24 hours before the requested exam date. A hard copy Delivery Sheet is available in the Testing Center, Truax, D2603.  This will provide us enough time to prepare the test in an alternative format, if required. Tests provided as Word documents or as a PDF are easiest for us to convert to audio with our text-to-speech software.

At the Downtown and West campuses, hard copies can be put in the after-hours drop box. Tests may be dropped off at the main office at all other campuses.


It is our intent to protect the integrity and confidentiality of all tests. Madison College staff administer and closely monitor the testing rooms. Students are required to leave all book bags, cell phones, textbooks, iPods, food, drink, coats, caps and other personal belongings outside of the test rooms. They are not allowed to leave the test room until the exam is completed. Any exceptions to this policy are generally disability-related or at the discretion of the instructor. Currently, the Truax and Downtown testing rooms are monitored by closed circuit cameras. Any suspected cheating is reported directly to the instructor.

If you have a student that does not have an Accommodation Plan, but may have a disability, please refer them directly to Disability Resource Services. 

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