International Education

International Education at Madison College "Services Provided" Interview

How to get real world experience with education abroad:

  • The single most powerful way to gain global awareness is by living, working, or traveling abroad. A variety of education abroad programs range from one-week stays to full semesters and include many different locations, subjects of study, and types of learning. 
  • For study abroad opportunities you may link directly to our Education Abroad page.
  • Internship opportunities also exist for students in certain degree programs through our Education Abroad programs.

Resume enhancement-think globally, enroll locally

  • Global knowledge, skills and experiences are more important than ever. Add value to your resume and enrich your life with international education and experience with our Interdisciplinary Global Studies Certificate. Students take 15 credits in a combination of classes designed to meet international education guidelines, language and education abroad courses.
  • We offer a world of interesting and exciting opportunities for students and the community to connect with people and places around the world.

Learn a new language and open up a new world

Language ability is key to intercultural communication and global competence. We offer a range of world language learning opportunities for students and the community including:

  • Traditional language instruction: full semester credit courses in Spanish, French, Arabic and Chinese (German available via semester education abroad)
  • Occupational language training: specialized language training in Spanish for specific workplace environments through our Business, Industry and Community Services department 
  • Language immersion programs through education abroad 
  • English as a second language: basic education courses in English language 
  • Continuing education language offerings: conversational language offerings including Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Russian and Spanish

We bring the world to your door

  • Guest lectures, workshops and other events at Madison College highlight global and cultural issues for students and the community.
  • Previous lecture series have brought world-renowned scholars, activists, and political figures to campus fostering continuous learning in diversity, interdependence, and global citizenship.
  • International visitors serve as scholars in residence for periods of time lasting from a few days to several months and share their expertise with students and faculty.
  • When appropriate, visiting scholars also work with college business and industry partners and advisory board members to share their expertise with relevant sectors of the workforce in our district.

We welcome students from around the world

  • Meet students from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds at Madison College.
  • We see diversity as a foundation for intercultural understanding and growth among our campus community.
  • Opportunities range from short-term reciprocal exchanges of students to international student visa enrollment in our degree programs. 

Partnerships offer a world opportunities

International partnerships with institutions around the world are encouraged. These partnerships provide opportunities for student and faculty exchanges, study abroad and sharing of curriculum and global perspectives on teaching and learning.