Admission Deadlines

Fall 2015 Admission Deadline

The Standard Consideration deadline for Fall 2015 has been extended until July 20, 2015 with the following requirements:

It is important for online applications to be completed as quickly as possible before the standard consideration deadline, since Fall 2015 course enrollment and orientation events have already begun since April, which means that degree program and course options are becoming increasingly limited. The later a complete application is received, the fewer degree program and course options there will be remaining. Please note that this deadline is most likely too late for applicants who need to apply for the F-1 visa, since it can take over 3 months to be approved of a change of visa status in the U.S. or to obtain an F-1 interview appointment abroad at a U.S. Embassy. To ensure enough time for the visa application process, applicants who need to apply for the F-1 visa should consider applying for a later semester.

The Fall 2015 semester begins August 31, 2015.

Summer 2015 Admission 

The deadline for Summer 2015 international admission has passed. You may consider applying for the Fall 2015 semester according to the deadlines listed above.