Learning Outcomes

The following learning outcomes have been identified for the Global Studies Certificate:

1. Cultural Awareness
Demonstrate awareness of and sensitivity to other cultures’ norms, practices, and actions while at the same time recognizing, acknowledging, and appreciating individual difference.

2. Intercultural Communications
Communicate effectively and respectfully with diverse peoples in intercultural teams and work groups.

3. World Languages   
Speak and write in another language while recognizing and respecting the importance of language diversity (all languages) in global communication.
4. International Travel

Exhibit preparedness/readiness for international travel including the abilities to assess and respond to health and safety risks and the ability to adapt to unpredictable situations.   

5. Global Citizenship
Recognize self as a part of global culture by demonstrating awareness of the interdependence of global systems; by understanding how the U.S. may be perceived world-wide; by solving problems with multiple perspectives and variables; and by making globally responsible decisions. 

6. Global Work Skills
Apply global perspectives to the work place through the use of appropriate technology for international communication, the ability to collaborate with diverse co-workers, the ability to adapt to variances between cultures in occupational processes, procedures and practices, and through recognizing the impact of the global economy on various occupations and professions.