Key Points - Alternative Media

  • Students are required to purchase each book they request in an alternate format and submit a copy of their receipt with their request. Textbooks are copyrighted material and copyright law requires a student to own a physical copy of the textbook being requested in alternative format and that accessible formats not be duplicated or shared.
  • Disability Resource Services (DRS) will take the student's specific format request into consideration when seeking and obtaining alternate format materials. However, students are advised that not every item will be readily available in every format. In addition, some text items do not lend themselves to certain alternative formats. When applicable, alternatives will be discussed with the individual student.
  • DRS will not produce multiple formats of the same materials.
  • Typically, 3 weeks are required to obtain or produce alternate format materials. DRS will make every effort to obtain materials in a timely manner and in the specific format requested.
  • If students wish to have their materials during the first 2 weeks of class, they must submit their request for textbook conversion at least 3 weeks before the semester begins.

Note: It is the student's responsibility to return all alternative media and equipment to DRS as soon as the course has been completed. If a student drops a class, he/she will be responsible for returning the materials by the end of the semester.

Please refer to the Equipment Check-Out Policy and Procedures. If technology is loaned out to the student, the student must sign and follow the rules of the Adaptive Equipment Loan Agreement Form.