Life Skills Workshops

Madison College counselors offer practical, skills-based workshops on an ongoing  basis. Workshops are typically offered to specific campus groups or classes. The themes of these workshops vary from semester to semester.  To request a workshop for your program or class, please complete a Counselor Workshop Request Form.

Below you will find a sample of the various workshops we provide to the campus community.

Topic Description

Assertive Communication: Do you have trouble saying No?, Do you feel like people walk all over you?, Do you have trouble with your temper? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, this workshop is for you!

BLAST Your Stress Learn: “How to Be a Student and Still Enjoy Your Life”. Learn stress reduction techniques.

Time Management: “Where DOES the time go?” How do you successfully balance school, study time, work schedules, family, friends and other activities? A lifelong skill is managing your time successfully. This workshop focuses on how you manage YOURSELF in relation to time. Students will have the opportunity to see where their time goes and to learn strategies of self-management!

Motivation: How can you stay positive and focused on achieving your dreams and goals given the many roles and responsibilities you must address in your daily life? In this motivation workshop you will be provided with tools and techniques to attain educational and personal goals.

Put POWer into Your Studying!: Get motivated to develop the skills needed to earn higher grades! This workshop teaches you quick and easy tips that will help you succeed in college. Time management, note-taking, textbook reading and exam preparation topics are covered.

Reading Your College Textbook: Need help to remember more of what you read? This workshop will teach you effective reading strategies to apply right away!

ZAP those Mid-Term Exams: Does your approach to studying for exams need CPR? Learn how to prepare for and take mid-term exams. Special emphasis is placed on multiple-choice test taking tips. Learn how to score higher on multiple-choice exams! This workshop will also discuss when it is appropriate to drop courses.

Final Exam 911: Learn how to score higher on final exams! This workshop covers preparing for and taking final exams. What makes final exams different? Special emphasis is placed on multiple-choice test taking tips. Learn how to score higher on multiple-choice final exams.

Financial Literacy: This workshop will explore the fundamental principles of money management and financial literacy. You will learn about ways to reduce expenses, use credit responsibly, live within a budget and obtain information on scholarships for college.

Learning Styles & You: Do you know how you learn best? Do you know that there are different study strategies for the different learning styles? Find out how you learn the best!

Dislocated Workers Group: This group of individuals will gather to assist dislocated workers determine and plan new careers. A career counselor will work with the group to formulate an action plan and identify educational needs and program opportunities.