Lighten Up! Weekly Meetings

Lighten Up! Weight Management Program

Due to low enrollment, Session 102 has been canceled for Spring 2014. We are working on creating a web-based program to replace the meetings.

Learn to balance your weight using a non-diet approach.
No weigh-ins, no competition.

Each 8-week session will be led by Lisa Hansen and Julie Crow, Registered Dietitians from Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin (GHC-SCW). You do not need to take session 101 before taking 102.

The focus will be on building a healthy relationship with food and acceptance of your body. This approach focuses on eating according to our body's hunger and fullness signals, ending food restrictions to eliminate binges, cravings and guilt, using non-food strategies to cope with emotional stress, and enjoying healthy food and movement.

» What is the Non-Diet Approach to Eating/Weight Management?
» Hunger Signals: Recognizing and Responding
» Fullness Cues: How Do I Know When to Stop Eating?
» Identifying Emotional Eating
» What is Good Nutrition?
» Getting Active
» Eating Rituals
» Maximizing Your Metabolism
» Restaurant and Holiday Eating

Questions? Contact Lisa Lanting.