Madison College OneCard

What is a OneCard?

The Madison College OneCard is:

  • Your student ID for the next 5 years
  • Your student discount card to save 10% on all food purchases at any Madison College dining facility
  • Your library card at Madison College libraries
  • Your access to the Student Health Care Services Clinic (Madison only)
  • Your access to receive a Madison Metro Bus Pass
  • Your access to the shuttle bus
  • Your admission ticket to many school-sponsored activities and sporting events
  • Your access card to possible student pricing & discounts at other businesses

How can I get a OneCard?

Your OneCard can only be received in person. Go to the Student Life Office in room D105 at the Downtown campus or room A2020 at the Truax campus. At Regional campuses and all other Madison campuses, go to the Main Office. You will need to:

1) Be enrolled in at least one-credit course (degree or non-degree)

2) Present a Valid Photo ID such as a Driver's License, State ID, Passport, or Military ID

3) Have no past due balance on your student account

What if I lose my OneCard?

If your OneCard is lost or stolen, report it immediately to Doug Gerbitz by calling (608) 243-4843, emailing him at or by submitting the webform below. A lost or stolen OneCard may be replaced for a fee by visiting the office that issued the card. Remember, treat your OneCard the same as cash.

If you have any additional questions or concerns about your OneCard fill out the OneCard Help Form.

Madison College One-Card Agreement Terms and Conditions

  1. The Madison College OneCard is the property of Madison College.

  2. The rights and privileges associated with the card are non-transferable.

  3. The card should be carried at all times and presented to a Madison College official upon request.

  4. The card should be treated as cash. Your card should be kept in a secure place at all times. The electronic cash on your card will not be refunded if the card is lost or stolen.

  5. The cardholder is responsible for reporting lost or stolen cards immediately to the OneCard Office.

  6. The cardholder is issued the first card at no charge. Subsequent cards issued to the same cardholder will be considered replacement cards. The fee for a replacement card is $10. If the card is defective, at no fault of the user, the replacement fee may be waived.

  7. No interest or other earnings will be paid to the cardholder or credited by Madison College.

  8. Madison College is not responsible for any losses due to lost or stolen cards.

  9. Notice of any amendments to the terms and conditions of use shall be provided to the cardholders.

  10. I agree to follow the policies and procedures put forth by the Madison College Fitness Center.

  11. My electronic signature shown on my OneCard indicates that I have read the terms and conditions of use for the Madison College OneCard and that by applying for and using the card, I agree to and accept such terms and conditions of use including any future amendments thereto.


MadisonCollege Fitness Center Liability Release and Assumption of Risk (Read thoroughly).

I understand that my OneCard gives me access to the Madison College Fitness Center during normal business hours. Participation in any Fitness Center activities at Madison College is purely voluntary and is not part of academic curriculum of the school.

If I elect to use the Fitness Center I do so at my own risk and agree to hold Madison College harmless from any liability for the risks inherent to use of the Fitness Center. In consideration of Madison College making any equipment and/or facilities available to me while participating in any use of the Fitness Center; I agree to release Madison College, its Board, officers, successors, assignees, agents, and employees from any and all claims, demands, and causes of action whatsoever in any way growing out of or resulting from my use of the Fitness Center.

I expressly agree that the foregoing Liability Release and Assumption of Risk (the “Release”) is intended to be as broad as is permitted by the laws of the State of Wisconsin and that any disputes related to the Release as well as any judicial interpretation of the effects of the Release will be governed by the laws of the State of Wisconsin. The Undersigned further agrees that if any provision of this Release is held to be invalid, the balance of the Release shall continue in full force and effect.