Madison College Renewable Energy Faculty

Cris Folk
Renewable Energy Project Director
Office: B1315
Phone: 608-258-2421
Email: folk@madisoncollege.edu
Subjects Taught: Wind Energy, DC/AC Circuits, Energy Management.

Jon Christian
Metalworking, Engineering and Renewable Energy Instructor
Office: E1713
Phone: 608 246-6828
Email: jrchristian@madisoncollege.edu
Subjects Taught: Wind Energy

Joel Shoemaker
Electrical Apprentice and Renewable Energy Instructor
Office: Commercial Avenue Campus - 222
Phone: 608-246-5275
Email: jbshoemaker@madisoncollege.edu
Subjects Taught: Photovoltaics, Renewable Energy for International Development

Ken Walz
Chemistry, Engineering, and Renewable Energy Instructor
Office: C3444
Phone: 608-246-6521
Email: kwalz@madisoncollege.edu
Subjects Taught: Intro to Renewable Energy, Renewable Energy for International Development, Biodiesel Fuel