Make-Up Exam Proctoring Service for Part-Time Faculty

We understand that many part-time instructors have full-time commitments outside of their teaching assignment at Madison College.  We also know that on occasion a student will have a valid reason to miss class and that the missed class period may fall on an exam date.  In the event a student does miss class, and you have agreed to allow them to take a make-up, the Truax Testing Center can assist you.

The Truax Testing Center (Room D2603) is available every Tuesday 1:00-8:00 and every Thursday 12:30-4:00 to administer an exam on your behalf.  The exams need to be completed by either 8:00 on Tuesday or 4:00 on Thursday. We do not provide this service during final exam week. 

Student must bring a valid ID.

Please do not abuse this service.  It is a service our Truax Testing Center provides during times of special circumstance and should not be construed as routine practice.

You may also stop by in person to provide this information.  If you have questions, please contact SharylLynn at 246-6740.