Manage Your FATE

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Now that you’ve taken control of your FATE, let’s make sure you STAY in control! On this page we’ll help you: 

  • Manage your budget in school, including your financial aid refund check.
  • Manage your student loans while in school and plan for future repayment.
  • Stay on track with your academic progress to ensure you maintain your awards and graduate on time!

Check out the following modules and tools to stay on your FATE path:

»FATE 103 Lessons include:

    • Standards of Academic Progress (SAP) for financial aid eligibility
    • What to do if you're suspended
    • How to get reinstated

»FATE 104 (coming soon!) Lessons include: 

    • How to manage your financial aid refund check

»Life Skills 105 Lessons include:

    • Gathering information on your school loans and options for repayment
    • Comparing your expected monthly earnings with your estimated monthly payment
    • The responsibilities of student borrowers

More on Managing your FATE

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