Manufacturing Bridge Program

Request formThe manufacturing bridge program begins students on a career pathway in manufacturing by exposing  students to manufacturing applications through basic science, technology, engineering and mathematics.   Students enter a certificate course in Manufacturing Essentials.  These courses will prepare students to enter into any of Madison College’s Advanced Manufacturing certificates or programs. 

Students receive intensive academic advising and academic support during their first semester as a student in this career path.  Students learn the essential skills needed in a manufacturing career. Upon completion of the Manufacturing Essential Certificate, students will be able to gain entry level employment in a manufacturing setting.  The 7 courses that make up the Manufacturing Essentials Certificate are: Mathematics, Workplace Communication for Industry, Safety for Industry, Interpreting Engineer Drawings, Foundations of Manufacturing, Intro to Gas Metal Arc Welding, and Intro to Machining.

Upon completion of the Manufacturing Essentials Certificate, students are encouraged to continue into one of Madison College’s Advanced Manufacturing Programs which include:  Machine Tooling Technics, Industrial Maintenance Technician, Industrial Mechanic, Industrial Mechanic- HVAC, Automated Manufacturing Systems Technology, and Welding. 

In this Program you will:

  • Earn 9 credits and gain a certificate toward a technical diploma.

  • Receive academic support classes in reading, writing and mathmatics that will help you be successful in the program. 

  • Receive intensive Academic and Career Advising support while you are enrolled


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