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Zero BalancingZero Balancing 1

Zero Balancing is an innovative body-mind system of hands-on therapy and is a significant addition to the field of integrative medicine. The practitioner uses comfortable finger pressure and gentle traction to engage body structure and body energy. Clients experience deep relaxation, internal organization, and improved function.  This training provides the basic skills, foundational concepts and guiding principles of Zero Balancing. Zero Balancing 1 teaches the theory and application of the basic Zero Balancing protocol; the principles of Zero Balancing and its unique form of interface touch; contacting, evaluating and balancing body structure and body energy through touch; the energetic anatomy of the skeleton; reading and monitoring a client's response to the session and how to give a Zero Balancing session.

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Zero Balancing 2

This course reviews the Zero Balancing protocol in depth, adds new and powerful Fulcrums; explores and expands the guiding concepts and principles; anchors and fine tunes your skills; and also helps the student define human body mechanics.

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NOTE:  The certificate of completion to be awarded does NOT certify any student (even those with other “Touch Therapy” certifications), to claim certification in Zero Balance Therapy.  Two more advanced classes, plus practice sessions with approved faculty and submission of documents is needed before one can call themselves a certified practitioner of Zero Balance.

Ki: Power of the Heart

Ki energy is at the core of Eastern Medicine; activating it unifies the heart and body, enhancing innate healing ability. Learn eight practices that release stress and pain and stimulate natural life energy.  The techniques are done sitting, standing or lying, singly or in pairs, and can be learned to use on yourself or others.

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