Math Placement Advancer

Did you just miss the cut-off score you needed to get into the next level of math? Are you thinking of re-taking the COMPASS test, but wishing there was another way?

Madison College offers a low cost, flexible math review option for students who wish to improve their COMPASS placement in mathematics. This opportunity is called the Math Placement Advancer (MPA).

Who can benefit from this option? The MPA system is offered at two levels:

Math Placement Advancer for Elementary Algebra

Math Placement Advancer for Intermediate Algebra

How Does it Work?

1. Start by filling out an online Math Placement Advancer Interest Form.
2. An advisor will contact you by phone and/or by email with information and directions to get enrolled in MPA through you Student Center.
3. Once enrolled in the course, you will purchase a $35, six week license to the ALEKS Website. ALEKS is an online math program used for the MPA. The directions on how to enroll will be sent by the advisor via email.
4. Soon after you enroll in ALEKS, you will be contacted by the MPA instructor so that you can formally begin the course.
5. You take a pre-test in ALEKS and are given a “pie” to complete based on the results of the pre-test.
6. Once you have completed 70% of your “pie”, you will come to a Madison College campus to take a proctored exam.
7. If you get 75% or better on the exam, you can complete your “pie” to 100%.
8. At this time, you can request that a provisional spot be held for you in your desired course. To do this, contact the advisor.
9. Once you have completed your “pie” to 100%, you take a second proctored exam.
10. If you get 75% or better on that exam, you will be waived into your next math course by an advisor.

Printable Flyer (PDF, 57KB)