Math Placement Advancer

► Did you just miss the score you needed to get into your required math course?
► Was your math placement score just barely above the cut-score for your required math course?

Madison College is now offering a low cost, flexible combination of guided online and face-to-face math review for students who wish to improve COMPASS placements in mathematics courses.

For students who were “So Close!”: If your COMPASS math placement score was just a few points below the score required for placement in a particular math course, the Math Placement Advancer offers an opportunity to review and then demonstrate that you do have the skills required for success in your desired math course. Upon completion of the Math Placement Advancer, you would have two options:

  1. If you successfully pass two written (paper & pencil) exams, you will then be issued a placement override into your desired upper-level mathematics course.
  2. After completion of the Math Placement Advancer, you may choose to retake the COMPASS math test to achieve an improved placement score (there is a $5 fee for the re-take).

For students who “Just Made It!”: If your COMPASS math score was just a few points above the required minimum for math course placement, you will be allowed to enroll in your required course, but you may not be as prepared as other students in the course. The Math Placement Advancer review of pre-requisite math skills will greatly enhance your probability of success this fall.

For students who “Just Passed!”: If you have recently taken a pre-requisite math course and received a grade of “C” or below, your chances of getting a good grade in your upper level course are pretty low. This review of essential arithmetic and algebra skills prior to starting the next level math course in fall could make the difference between passing or failing next semester.

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