Mathematics and Computer Science

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The Mathematics and Computer Science department offers support courses for technical program students, degree transfer Mathematics courses and a Computer Science transfer course. You will be able to find the right class for your skill level whether you are pursuing a technical program or degree at Madison Area Technical College, transferring to a university, or taking classes for career advancement or personal interest.

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Liberal Art Transfer
Check out the Liberal Arts Transfer Flowchart for help selecting your first, or next course.

The Mathematics Pre-Major and Mathematics Teaching Pre-Major Pathways (PDF, 152KB) suggest a sequence of classes that will generally satisfy the first two years of general education requirements for math or math teaching degrees at four-year colleges and universities.  The pathways also allow students to obtain an educational foundation in English, humanities, science, social and behavioral sciences, and world languages.

Students apply to Madison Area Technical College as a Liberal Arts Transfer student under the program code of 20-800-1S.

Which Math Course is for Me?          

If you would like help determining the best math course sequence for you and you are a Liberal Arts Transfer student, please click on the Online Math Advising Questionnaire to answer a few questions that will help determine course recommendations for you.  You will be contacted with a recommendation within 1 week after submitting your answers to the Questionnaire.

For math course descriptions and the Math Department's course flowcharts, visit the math courses web page. Technical and associate degree program students should check with their program advisor to confirm that they are enrolling in chemistry courses that will meet their program's requirements. Transfer program students can use the Transfer Information System (TIS) to determine how a specific Madison College chemistry course will transfer to any school in the University of Wisconsin System or Wisconsin Technical College System.