Meet Your Recruiters

Have questions about life as a student at Madison College? Need more information about how to apply, what programs fit your interests, or paying for college?  Or maybe you just need some help finding your way around campus. Meet our recruiters, Emma and Torvic, who are here to answer your questions and help you through the admissions process.


Head shot of recruiter Emma 

Quick Facts

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

Hobbies: Cooking, traveling, yoga, graphic design, dancing, and gardening

Time with Madison College: 1.5 years

Get to Know Emma

What advice would you give to incoming students?

Get involved. If you’re struggling with something in class, go ask for help! If you are interested in joining a club that focuses on something you’ve never done before, show up for a meeting and find out what it’s all about! If you are passionate about a cause, go volunteer! I promise that you will never regret getting involved.

What do you love about Madison College?

I love that the faculty and staff truly care about their students and their success. They are approachable, willing to help, and excited about the material they are teaching. Oh, and the smoothies from the Whole Bowl in the cafeteria. They’re incredible!

What was the greatest lesson you learned in college?

I learned that working hard pays off. If you want to be successful and reap the benefits of your education, you have to work hard. I also learned to ask myself at the end of the day, “What did you do today that you are proud of?” and if I couldn’t come up with anything, then I knew that I needed to work harder the next day.

What's your favorite college memory?

I studied abroad in Madrid and took a theater class to improve my Spanish. Our final exam was to perform in front of a packed crowd and I played the role of an old, bitter witch. It was absolutely terrifying and my Spanish was a mess, but the whole experience was so exhilarating that I wouldn’t trade it for the world.


Head shot of Torvic, Madison College recruiter

Quick Facts

Hometown: Beloit, WI

Hobbies: Watching movies and spending time with my children

Time with Madison College: 2.5 years

Get to Know Torvic

What advice would you give to incoming students?

Take this opportunity to hone your craft. Use the resources at your disposal to become the best at your chosen profession.

What do you love about Madison College?

I love the fact that Madison College gives students the tools and opportunity to be successful.

What was the greatest lesson you learned in college?

Don’t burn bridges. There’s a chance you may need to cross it again.

What's your favorite college memory?

Working as a television camera person for WLUK in Green Bay at Lambeau Field.