Migrant High School Equivalency Program

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HEP - High School Equivalency Program for Migrant Workers


If you or someone in your family has worked in agriculture in the past 2 years, you could qualify for the HEP program.  For more information contact or call (608) 259-2977.

 What is HEP?

HEP is an educational program enabling seasonal and/or migrant farm workers and their family members who did not complete high school to earn a GED.  HEP is an open entry/open exit class designed for adults to prepare for and pass the five GED exams.

Who is eligible? 

  • Students MUST be at least 18.5 years or older
  • Need valid picture identification from the US or the applicant's native country
  • Provide proof of temporary/seasonal agricultural work from the applicant or a family member

What does HEP provide?

  • Flexible class offerings in many communities
  • Paid exam fees (Spanish or English)
  • GED instruction in Spanish or English
  • Tutoring assistance
  • Educational and Career counseling
  • Invitations to events
  • Motivation to complete your diploma
  • Biweekly allowance for attendance, including childcare and transportation

Contact Us! 

Alex Fernandez, Recruiter
(608) 259-2977

 Enoch Melgarejo, Student Support Facilitator/Retention Specialist
(608) 259-2912