Military Activation/Deployment

Students who are deployed, ordered or inducted into active service in the armed forces of the United States or requested to work for the federal government during a national emergency or limited national emergency should submit the following (see submission instructions on checklist below):

  1. A completed and signed Military Activation/Deployment Checklist (PDF, 1152 KB);
  2. A copy of the student's active duty order to substantiate military activation;
  3. Legal documentation of power of attorney (required only for requests submitted by power of attorney on the student's behalf).

If activation/deployment occurs during a term and prevents the students from completing classes, an Extenuating Circumstance must also be completed and submitted along with the items above. Only military activation or deployment that required or will require an extended absence will be considered for an Extenuating Circumstance for a possible partial or full refund. See the Refunds web page for complete information on refunds and withdrawals.

For assistance, please contact the Enrollment Center at (608) 246-6210 or (800) 322-6282, Ext. 6210.